About Me



Hello I’m Sherry Lee, founder of Seasons of Life Coaching. I’m passionate about helping you find your passion, your purpose in every season of your life.



Born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin, I was the second of four children connected together by enduring love and devastated by severing dysfunction.  Mom's love was the bridge we traveled across - back and forth -  between Dad's love and his destructive alcoholism.  Meanwhile I was to be seen and not heard, don't be a cry baby, do as you're told.  I quickly found my safe place, hidden in my big brother's shadow. Later in life when I heard, you can do anything you put your mind to or you can be anything you want to be, I became confused. I believed that must have been true for everyone else.  I only watched others be happy, make healthy choices, have healthy relationships, be successful.

Until one day, I stopped. Slumped over on the floor, shoulders caved, head hung low, I pouted. Pitiful. Emotionally bruised, spiritually broken, physically exhausted – I was “done”! the silence I heard something in the distance. Listening intently, I drew it in. In the stillness, I allowed my head to hear a cry of my heart, my soul, my longings...calling back to me.


Searching Began

From there miraculously I began to listen more and more to the whispers of my soul in the stillness of my days. The transformative journey had begun, though the stops and starts are many, the detours disappointing but rich with lessons, those lessons - life changing -and next season discovery always up ahead. 


That’s why I’m here today hoping to help you connect with your inner questioning, your yearning, your silent searching. What now? Who am I? Why is that notion I keep ignoring not going away after all these years? What’s next? What is my purpose in this season?